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The Tag Grid Mentor group is made up of Taggers who have volunteered to devote part of their time to helping new Taggers at Welcome Center, in The Tag Grid Welcome group and at other places where Taggers require help. Mentors answer questions, give advice, and provide guidance. Mentors can also work as Greeters on Welcome Center introducing brand new Taggers to The Tag Grid and encouraging them to explore it.

Meeting, greeting and answering questions is our specialty! People make the difference!

Official The Tag Grid Mentors are:

  • Ace Smith
  • Boo Zipper
  • Dratt Nider (passed away)
  • emily slinkycub
  • John Sheppard
  • Katia Boop
  • Ken Miller
  • Kiko Kenichi
  • Lips4plesure Gearbox
  • Noma Burundi
  • Scotsgraymouser Janus
  • Sierra Cheri
  • Sweet Soderstrom
  • Tess London
  • Zauberin Paracelsus
  • Zhareena Shareen