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  • Your script must be tested and working. If it's not, stick it in your user-space until it is. This is a list of working, usable scripts.
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The template will automatically add your script to the category.
  • Add a link to your script's page here, in alphabetical order by script name, plesae.
  • Do not add scripts that duplicate the same functionality as an existing script or built in function. If yours does, explain why.
Name Creator Description
Automatic Day Night Light [Rime Wirsing] This script operates a light that detects when the sun (llSun) has gone down to turn a light on, and turns it off when the sun comes up.
Basic State Based Door [Ian Scott] A simple door that uses local rotations. Requires the door prim to be pathcut; door can be a child prim in a linkset.
Cycle Textures By Timer [Natalie Oe] Displays the textures contained in its inventory at 1-second intervals.
Cycle Textures On Touch [Natalie Oe] Displays the textures contained in its inventory; advances to the next one when touched.
Easy Teleport [Justyn Tyme] Teleports the toucher to a pre-determined set of coordinates set in the script (targetPos)
Get and display a profile pic [Christine Nyn] Accesses and displays the picture from a user's profile.
Light Toggle [Ian Scott] A demonstration of how to use multiple states.
Linked Sliding Door [Zauber Paracelsus] A pair of scripts and directions for setting up a sliding door built from a prim as part of a linkset.
Linked Swinging Door [Zauber Paracelsus] A pair of scripts and directions for setting up a swinging door built from a prim as part of a linkset.
Menu Script [Tamia] Skeleton script for using dialog menus; can be expanded.
Particle Template [Ian Scott] A script skeleton for using particles.
Online Offline Status [Elenia Llewellyn] Script displays the owner's online or offline status in floater text above it.
Rez Box System [Manwa Pastorelli] Complete Rez Box System For Inworldz
Touch Send Email [Elenia Llewellyn] Skeleton script for a system to send email from InWorldz. Will need to be expanded to be useful.
Visitor List Maker [Elenia Llewellyn] Detects all visitors that approach within a user-defined radius; checks to avoid duplication. Listens to the owner in local chat for commands.
Welcome Mat [Justyn Tyme] Speaks a greeting to whomever walks over it.
XyText Character Set [Thex Lecker] A character set uploaded by Thex to work with the Second Life XyText text-on-a-prim script. Link to script in article.