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Important: You must install a standalone program, the TAG Viewer, to enjoy the rich 3D content in The Adult Grid.
The installation process is quick and easy, but your computer must meet the System Requirements.
The Adult Grid will not run on systems that fail to meet these requirements.

Everything you need to know about owning land in The Adult Grid

1. First Land

One of the benefits of joining The Adult Grid is that you can get a mainland plot of 2048sqm with prims for 10X's to use for FREE during your first 30days after registration.

The Adult Grid is a free Virtual World... Yes, that's right, FREE! There is no cost to create your own avatar, there is no membership fee, and you can even create your goods on our provided sandboxes!

There are three Co-Founders who run The Adult Grid

The three Founders are:

Each of us brings a different skill set to the grid, between software engineer, to customer support and technical debugging. We have 18 years of development experience, 20+ years of customer service, 10+ years of Virtual World experience and that doesn't include our volunteers and their experience levels.