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About The Adult Grid

The Adult Grid is a 18+ computer-based online community environment; also called Virtual World, that is designed and shared by individuals so that they can interact in a custom-built, simulated world. Users interact with each other in this simulated world

using text-based, two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphical models called avatars. Individuals control their avatars using input devices like the keyboard, mouse and other specially designed command and simulation gadgets.

The Adult Grid is purpose-built for entertainment, social, educational, training and various other purposes and is based of the Opensim software, which is being modified to move past this source code and becoming closer to the Second Life standard for working improvements.

The Adult Grid is a free Virtual World... Yes, that's right, FREE! There is no cost to create your own avatar, there is no membership fee, and you can even create your goods on our provided sandboxes!

There are three Co-Founders who run The Adult Grid

The three Founders are:

Each of us brings a different skill set to the grid, between software engineer, to customer support and technical debugging. We have 18 years of development experience, 20+ years of customer service, 10+ years of Virtual World experience and that doesn't include our volunteers and their experience levels.


Here you can find all the information about how to buy land in The Adult Grid and what the costs are:

Important TAG Regions

  • Sandboxes; The sandboxes are the designated building centers and script testing areas for The Adult Grid. It is recommended to test any new scripts at a sandbox versus private or mainland regions.
  • Welcome Area's; The main welcome center is currently found at TAG Welcome Center and volunteered by a staff of mentors to assist new arrivals and older residents that may have questions.
  • TAG Regions; Places to discover created by TAG Staff member Kiko Kenichi




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