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Options for Tag Accounts

There are two account types in Tag Grid:

Basic Account

  • A basic account is completely free
  • You can own estates or Private Regions.
  • You can rent land anywhere, depending on the landowner's renting preferences.
  • You can have a covenant agreement on Private Regions or estates owned by other Residents.
  • You can submit support cases for a limited set of problems.
  • You can rent mainland plots

Premium Account

  • A premium account requires a monthly fee
  • You get a FREE mainland plot 2048sqm
  • You get 500Xs stipend per week(1)
  • You get 1000X's sign-up bonus(2) for first-time Premium Account subscribers
  • You get access to Premium Sandbox with 48hour return
  • You get 5USD discount on 1 private region per month

Premium Fees

  • Premium Monthly Membership: 5.95USD per month
  • Premium Halve Yearly Membership: 34.50USD per 6 months, which comes down to 5.75USD per month
  • Premium Annual Membership: 66.00USD per 12 months, which comes down to 5.50USD per month

  • (1)500X's will be deposited to your account weekly to shop.
  • (2)1,000Xs bonus will be deposited directly into your Tag Grid account if your Premium membership is active for 45 consecutive days after initial sign-up.