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Options for Tag Accounts

There are two account types in Tag Grid:

Basic Account

  • A basic account is completely free
  • Own estates or Private Regions.
  • Rent land anywhere, depending on the landowner's renting preferences.
  • Have a covenant agreement on Private Regions or estates owned by other Residents.
  • Submit support cases for a limited set of problems.
  • Rent mainland plots

Premium Account

  • Price: varies, some offer weekly or monthly rates
  • Estate Owner: your landlord
  • Land area: varies according to landlord offering
  • Available Prims (LI): up to 50000 total
  • You pay rent to a third-party user (landlord).
  • From TAG' perspective, you do not own the land.
  • Restrictions:
    • Restrictions and terms are at the discretion of the region owner (your landlord).